Madeira will look even more beautiful sitting comfortably in a Tukxi, this three-wheeled passenger compartment has a cap lowered to enjoy the wind breeze and to admire the surrounding views.

At the wheel, there will be a local guide who will explain the history of the place and the most interesting curiosities.

The choice of this means of transportation is particularly recommended because its compact size allows it to enter even in the narrow streets of the old town, allowing the tour to have more enjoying views than those of the usual bus rides. The program focuses on the center of the city, dating back to the fifteenth century, and with stops in Socorro and Villa Guida.

You will also have the opportunity to admire the majestic Cathedral of Madeira, the Farmers Market full of colors and fresh food displayed all over, and the Town Hall Square with the Jesuit Monastery. Follow the San Pedro district, famous for hosting the island’s oldest convent, the church of the same name and the Quinta das Cruzes Museum.

The tour ends at the Municipal Garden and at the Park of Santa Caterina, both rich in flora and in beautiful plants that bloom in the spring.

This experience is highly recommended for all those who want to have a first taste of Madeira and want to admire it with their own tourist eyes. The choice of Tukxi is perfect for moving fast in the back roads, giving a much less conventional point of view. The ticket includes the guide in Spanish, English, French, German and Portuguese, plus the tour in Tukxi.

The tour is ideal for couples or single travelers but is not recommended for families with small children, due to the unsafe means of transportation for them.