Some of the best hotels as far as the price to quality ratio in Funchal, Madeira.

Funchal is a beautiful town, but of course, you cannot visit in a day, and if you ask us where to sleep, we can also give you some suggestions, both for those who want to take a low cost vacation and also for those who decide to stay in a luxury place.

When we say low price does not always mean that we must necessarily give up the quality. All these budget hotels in Funchal are designed to provide optimal service to their visitors. We also want to underline that we have not compiled a ranking, but only offer you some suggestions on where to stay in the capital of Madeira, so there is not any ranking for these places.

The best cheap hotels in the capital of Madeira, Funchal, for those who decide to organize a low cost holiday.

res do vale

Let’s start talking about the Residencial Do Vale, located about 1 kilometer from the most important museums of Funchal, including the Museu Colombo, the Museu de Arte Sacra and the Museu do Bordado. Besides being the ideal location for all art lovers this residence has really many features while being very economical.

For all customers there are modern rooms with services, and with breakfast served either in-room or served in the small terrace bar of the place.

There are many nearby restaurants and other services, and for those who love the sea with a walk of about ten minutes you can reach the seafront and the beautiful Atlantic beaches.

For more information and reservations go here: Residencial Do Vale.

A Casa Do Caseiro

If you are lucky enough to find one of the eight rooms available at Casa Do Caseiro then you can really organize a stay with the certainty that the reception will be just like the one at home.  You can also have fun cooking because guests are provided with an equipped kitchen, a barbecue and everything necessary for a truly perfect stay. The ratio price quality of this residence is fantastic.

In the various reviews that you can find on the web from people who have already stayed in this place it is emphasized how perfect is the breakfast service and many others give also high praise for being a really clean place.

We can say with certainty that A Casa Do Caseiro is one of the cheapest places but at the same time very rich where you can experience the city of Funchal. A few kilometers from the sea and close to the receiving facilities, this is a great place to stay, but also very quiet since the entire building has only eight rooms.

For more information and reservations go here: A Casa Do Caseiro.

hotel Gordon

The Gordon Hotel is a simple place but at the same time very beautiful, with rooms decorated in rustic, with a very attentive courtesy service, each room has an in suite bathroom, a reception set and a kettle if you want to prepare the tea or tisane.

It is less than a kilometer away from the city casino and is therefore often visited by the players who visit the city. An intercontinental buffet breakfast is served every morning in the reception room.

Simple but very comfortable, ideal for those who still want the choice of the hotel instead of residences and hostels, but at the same time does not want to spend a lot.

For more information and reservations go here: hotel Gordon.

Hotel Sirius

Hotel Sirius, a two-star hotel that is worth four, a very cozy place, with a panoramic terrace where you can relax with a drink, where it is not only very clean and but also appreciated for the hospitality from all the guests who have visited it.

The rooms are very simple but really welcoming, all equipped with internal services and a welcome kit to welcome the tourists to the fullest.

Inside there is a bar where every morning you can have breakfast served by the staff.

Excellent value for the money and also an internal parking service, really great for tourists. A detail that enriches this hotel is that all the rooms have a very warm parquet floor, which makes the room even more welcoming.

For more information and reservations go here: Hotel Sirius.

Santa Maria Hostel

If you want to spend very little, but still having an optimal place to stay, then you can opt for Santa Maria Hostel, a hostel that has little to do with what our mind goes to think of as the etymology.

Rooms are really comfort, furnished in a particular way, with style and simplicity, a really winning mix given that there are many people who appreciate this place.  A few minutes’ walk from the cathedral, this hostel is housed in an old building in the historic center and it has been structured inside in order to make this type of place.

Shared bathroom and rooms where you can read, others with free Internet service in order to work, and a restaurant where you can taste delicious fresh seafood.

A very welcoming place despite being in the hostels category, and recommended for those looking to sleep without demanding too much but preferring to have a modern and clean service at a limited cost.

For more information and reservations go here: Santa Maria Hostel.

Pensão Astória

To conclude the category of the best hotels at low prices we cannot forget to mention, less than 100 meters from the Cathedral of Funchal, the Pensão Astória.

A hotel where all the rooms have hardwood floors and are all furnished in an antique style, it almost seems like entering some vintage rooms, but all well studied and calculated to make everything very familiar.

Each room has its own bathroom, there are also common places where buffet breakfast is served and a reception service open 24 hours a day.

Near the sea and you really cannot find anything more convenient and of a good quality at the same time.

For more information and reservations go here: Pensão Astória.