Caldeirao Verde, one of the best Levada Walks.

Another breathtaking Levada walk which is a must when visiting the Madeira Island is Caldeirao Verde. Its pans out to more than 6.5k m, it is a round trip that takes 3-5 hours to cover. This walk reminds you of all those beautiful scenes you used to envy which could be only watched online or in fairytales.

It starts in Queimada’s house. The path for this walk is astonishingly green and rich in nature. Along the walk you witness a majestic waterfall, a magnificent view over the stunning village of Sao Jorge and great mountains whose tips are submerged within the clouds.

Water is a constant beauty along this walk. It is an incredible trail and is safe all year round. This trail includes hiking through tunnels, so under no circumstances forget your flashlight.

With the arrival at Caldeirao Verde, you will witness the most alluring and exquisite view of the huge waterfall falling on the cold and crystalline lagoon. Be sure to make the best of it and have a picnic before you go. Let the sound water falling wash away all of your worries and doubts.