Information about the city of Canico in Madeira.

The long aged old village named Caniço is a clamoring, rather appealing and engaging spot, jogged on an original square of a church of the late eighteen century, with a labyrinth of one-way lanes stretching out up into the encompassing slopes and hillsides.

A large number of hotels and guesthouses, be there as it may, are arranged in the lower (Baixo) Caniço, all are more as of late manufactured local location on the coastal drift, came to by means of a lofty street or in a significantly more extreme way, more seasoned, halfway cobbled roads and avenues.

Location of Canico.

Extending for 1 mile along towards the coastal drift and expansion of700 yds inland, this moderately more up to date of some portion of the town needs character and much selection of luxury yet appreciates a fine regular setting, its structure for the most part of new flat, hotels and guest houses, terraced down to the slopes and hillsides.

To the “East-of-Baixo”  is the under construction or developing zone of the Reis Magos, which has a few big lodgings, hotels and guesthouses, promenade of oceanfront and a bit little, stony shoreline beaches yet is generally ailing in courtesies.

Getting City Status.

The Caniço have been awarded the status of a city in 2005. In 2011 total population was 23,368, having the total territory of 11.99 km². Caniço is associated with the Funchal of urban sprawl and is bigger than the seat of the municipality of the district. Canico is situated on the south east bank of the island, (it is 5 miles east from the Funchal and 8 miles of the South west from air port).

It is set quite recently off the beach front thruway, in bumpy landscape; the town of Caniço is arranged on a little, flattish level of one and a half miles inland, gotten to by steep, Winding Street. The resort range of Caniço de Baixo embraces the coastal drifts, sitting over an emotional dramatic beach of dark volcanic shake.

This area is generally suited for matured couples, as there is practically almost zero nightlife. Soak territory may not make it appropriate and perfect for those with troubles for movements. 3star and 4star hotels, lodgings, guesthouses and flats all are present and mostly all around selected with minimal general arrangement.


There is a little stony shoreline beach of Praia dos Reis Magos on the east side which is usually perfect for swimming; the majority of the people decide on the lodging pool. Shopping here is extremely restricted or very limited.

There is a small minimarket in Baixo zone,  and more extensive decision in the town above, including stores and banks, though there are few shops dedicated for tourists and travelers. Funchal is really a superior wager.

Daytime performance in Canico.

The region comprises with swimming and scuba-diving; climbing and strolling. Likewise on the other hand visit the Garajau Marine Reserve off the coastal drift.

The nightlife here is magnificent, which offers a few bars in the town, generally restricted to that gave by the lodgings, hotels and guest houses.

There are some great restaurants including fish and worldwide cousins and in addition of that is pizza and Italian, in the town. There is a modest bunch of lodging, hotels, guesthouses, restaurants and a couple of independents in the Baixo.

Types of Attractions in the City of Canico are:

  1. Outdoors Activities
  2. Visits & tours
  3. Boat Tours and Water Sports
  4. Nature and Parks

Scuba and Snorkeling:  

Swimming along with a snorkel is called Snorkeling — a cover and a tube — that enables you to breathing through mouth when coasting submerged close to the surface water. Diving of Scuba enables you to dive deep inside the water to look at the bed of the ocean or lake, wearing a tight fitting plunging swim suit and breathing through oxygen tanker.

Other sorts of attractions are

  • Bicycle Tours
  • Climbing and Camping Tours
  • Nature and Wildlife Tours
  • 4WD, ATV and Off-Road Tours
  • Stand-Up Paddle boarding
  • Surfing, Wind surfing and Kite surfing