Canyoning in Madeira valleys.

Swimming, jumping, hiking, rappelling to overcome natural obstacles: all of this is canyoning, an exciting sport that can be practiced by individuals and groups.

Madeira has many mountainous watercourse and valleys which are a perfect setting for this kind of activities.

Those who want to challenge mother nature will find a wide choice of canyoning opportunities in Madeira: visitors will be guided by professional teams who will ensure the safety of the participants and will guarantee moments of fun and leisure.

Canyoning in the valleys of the natural park of Ribeiro Frio.

  • 3 hours of Canyoning in the Ribeiro Frio forest park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • You can swim, jump and climb between the waterfalls of this beautiful natural barge.
  • The activity includes all the necessary equipment for hiking, such as the outdoor swimsuit, the boot and the cable for climbing and downhill.
  • You will also receive an energy bar and photos of your adventurous excursion.
  • The package also includes the transportation directly from your hotel, the permits and also the insurance.