Miradouro Do Cristo, Madeira.

This hill called Miradouro do Cristo has on its top a statue of Jesus Christ in the classic pose. It is a Art-Deco style sculpture, set to observe and watch over the maritime traffic and the Atlantic Ocean.

For Mareidesi the statue is more than a Catholic religious symbol, it was erected and inaugurated in 1927 and is a symbol representing all the inhabitants of the island.

Underneath the statue you will have the opportunity to put and turn on a candle together with the others to worship the Christ (the candle must be brought from home).

Panorama di Cristo in Canico

The appearance of this statue might look similar to the statue of Christ in San Paolo in Brazil, but much smaller.

On your right you can admire the capital Funchal and its harbor, and to your vast part of the southeast coast of the Madeira Island.beach Miradouro do Cristo Rei do Garajau spiaggia

In the space below the cliff you will find a beautiful beach with sun beds and parasols, reached by a cable car located near the statue. Next to the beach facilities you will find a good restaurant where to have lunch or dinner.

Miradouro do Cristo Rei do Garajau