Information on what to visit in Calheta.

The city of Calheta, located on the island of Madeira, is the sixth city with a population of more than 11,500.

It is one of the most beautiful and visited places of both tourists and Madeira native, with its imposing cliffs, monuments and the famous Praia da Calheta.


What to see in the city of Calheta in Madeira.

In the district of Calheta that includes other cities such as Prazeres, Estreito da Calheta, Fajã da Ovelha, Jardim do Mar, Arch of Calheta, you will find many places to visit during your stay in this area. Here are the main ones:

  • Calheta Beach.

The beach called “Praia da Calheta” is small but very pretty, artificially constructed bringing sand from Morocco.

The area is enclosed by an artificial reef which creates a sheltered basin, thus protecting bathers from the wind, also in this way the waters within this basin will become warmer than the surrounding ocean.

You can also rent sun umbrellas and sun loungers at an affordable price or eat in one of the typical rooms overlooking the beach.

Praia da Calheta spiaggia beach

  • Museum of Calheta cane sugar factory.

If you go through these parts, you should not miss this museum “ENGENHOS DA CALHETA” where there are old machines with which to refine sugar to produce rum and poncha (a typical Madeira alcoholic beverage).

The entrance to the museum is free, and within it you will find one of the best places on the island to taste the best rum and Poncha by eating a typical Mareidese cake.

Sugar Cane Factory museo zucchero calheta

  • The Levada Nova Trail.

It is one of the many trails that run through the irrigation system “Levada”, a real and propitious dive into nature where you can undo all the thoughts of the hectic city and spend a day without any thoughts, and wrapped up in a fantastic landscape.

The entrance of this trail is located in the village of Prazeres and continues for about 8 km inside the island of Madeira.

Compared to other paths of Levada is a fairly easy path and quiet one, but in some places could put a strain on the nerves of people who suffer from vertigo.

  • Church of Santa Catarina (Calheta)

This church is located near the beach, which was founded in 1430 and rebuilt several times, it is one of the oldest monuments of the island.

After the tsunami of 1980 “Azores Islands earthquake” the church was severely damaged and remained closed until the end of the renovation work in 1991.

church calheta madeira chiesa