The Columbus festival in Madeira

Date: September 14th to 16th

The Columbus Festival depends on the historical re-establishment of the time when this renowned merchant lived in to Porto Santo Island, reviewing his stay in the Madeira Islands, a significant event held between September fourteenth to sixteenth at every year.

In September, the entire atmosphere inspiring the time of the Portuguese Maritime Discoveries, the island of the Porto Santo puts on an entire scope of shows and exhibitions connected to music and theater.

Vila Baleira commits seven days to the guide Christopher Columbus, who gone through this island and put in quite a while of his life living there.

The Columbus came into contact with Madeira in 1478, when the occupants of Funchal were giving their energies to the sugar exchange. Columbus lived in this archipelago in the wake of wedding the girl of the commander of the Porto Santo. His child Diogo was conceived here.

This festival is intended to help individuals to remember the Columbus’ opportunity in the Madeira Archipelago, over the span of his voyages to the American landmass, and also the entire epic story of the time of the Discoveries.

The festival happens amid the time of September, in the city of Vila Baleira and components an arrangement of exercises that look to review the epic Portuguese Discoveries.

The occasion incorporates with the landing of Columbus, a sixteenth-century showcase with sustenance, makes, road exhibitions, carnival expressions, showy portrayals and arranging of peace and war trials basic at the time, amusements of expertise, weapons preparing, trapeze artistry and juggling, loads of music and colorful moves, guaranteeing perpetual diversion and a steady turmoil among the different run of the mill characters of this period.

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  • Thursday- Disembarkation -and -Historical -Parade -to –welcome- Christopher -Columbus:

One of the highlights of this occasion is the landing of the Columbus. On the principal original main day of the festival, by sunset, several individuals assemble on the shoreline to witness the pilot’s entry.

The show starts with the landing out coming soon of a reproduction of the Columbus’ ship, the Santa Maria, with the Genoese pilot and his team on board while in transit to one of his visits to Porto Santo.

The ship lies off the drift and the disembarkation is finished by exchanging them to shore in little water crafts.

Once the Admiral sets foot on the shoreline, there is a moment tumult and inviting gathering, which incorporates talks, greetings and presents for the skipper significant, music and move and a showy portrayal of this current period’s every day schedule.

At that point, various components speaking to the different social classes and the ministry shape an inviting parade through the principle avenues of the burgh, with a specific end goal to report the entry of Columbus on the island.

  • Sixteenth Century Market

The sixteenth century advertises is close to an amusement of the free for all of business sectors of that time.

Other than the “things to showcase”, it incorporates an extraordinary tumult that goes from sustenance, battles amongst shippers and merchants, a military battalion, trial of apostates and guilty parties, bazaar expressions, dramatic scenes and nonstop shifted amusement, with prominent merriments that include an assortment of music, and in addition European and Oriental moves.