Escape Game in Madeira, the game of reality.

Living in a game, being the protagonist of a real video game, almost like being in a thriller and having to live it in every one of us. The story tells that Zarco, the discoverer of Madeira, had an important gift for the king, but inside there was a very important message for the nation that did not arrive at its destination.

In the game, the task of the group is to solve many puzzles to get to understand what the message is. In order to get to the solution, there are really many difficulties, from puzzles to be done very quickly to the logic games that in a group are also very funny.

In an hour and a half, you must be able to solve the mystery, all with your friends. In Funchal, this game is possible to do it when you are looking for something to do indoors if it is cold or if it rains, or to spend a different evening with your friends.

It is also an excellent stimulus for the families, the games are not impossible and all that you may solve is certainly very stimulating for children aged 10 and above. Who is in Madeira during holiday has really endless possibilities to have fun and even in this case with this thriller to experience in first person is a great memory to have it in your life.

You can organize it even in your hotel, most of the places allow it, but also in places that can be more suggestive, which then can lead the people in this game of being more involved even on an emotional level .To all this we can say that it is definitely an experience to try it.