Green Tour: a journey into the MadeirA local agriculture.

The Green Tour in Funchal, the capital of the Madeira archipelago, aims to show visitors how the local agriculture works, from planting to the cultivation of various plants. The duration is very long; we are talking about eight hours, with a tour guide who speaks Spanish, Dutch, English, French and German. 

The people will be taken from Machico, Santa Cruz and Funchal with a ticket included in the tour rate while all other areas will have to pay an additional charge for port taxes and the transportation.

The program includes a first visit to a banana field in Funchal, then moving to a fruit farm in the area, one of the largest in the archipelago, and always explaining everything in details. We will move on to a cattle farm, used for the production of milk and cheese.

During the lunch break, you will eat in Porto da Cruz and, if the weather is sunny, you can also take a swim. In the afternoon, you will visit the requeijào dairy.

There will also be relaxing moments such as a walk right after the lunch in the surroundings and a visit to the Madeira rum factory, the only one in Europe that still uses the steam. All visits to the farms are included in the price but snacks and coffee are not included. The cost is € 85 per person, and it can also be purchased as a gift.

Cancellation can be done 24 hours in advance in order to receive a full refund of the package. Ideal for people who love agriculture, plants and greenery in general, curious to know the operation of the various farms and factories in the area and representing one of the engines of the economy of the archipelago.

The Green Tour will allow you to look in depth at the country’s economy, and discovering the origins of the local products. Not recommended for families with very young children who may get bored or people who do not like to walk a lot.