Walking The Prazeres – Raposeira Levada.

This walk spans out 2-4 hour 9.5km hike with minimum difficulty.

This gorgeous walk starts out from Prazeres, travelling towards the south of the Island where the area of Raposeira lies. This is a perfect activity to do at any time all year round.

While walking side by side to the Levada, the tour is utterly gorgeous and includes a blend of endemic flora and fauna along with beautiful works of man which are utilized for the system of collecting as well as carrying water to the agricultural lands.

Levada prazeres raposeira

The views between the valleys that are enjoyed along the walk are dazzling and elegant. The open fields on agricultural crops and very cautiously treated.

Passing the fields, the hikers pass through an area with a few houses situated here and there. The residents inhabiting these houses can be seen tending to their land and animals.

A unique contrast can be seen between lush local vegetation and agricultural land. This contrast is what makes this walk very special and different from others.

The surroundings and contact with nature will rejuvenate you. This walk is definitely worth it!