Madeira Film Festival – Screening Enthralling Movies To Appreciate The Art of Filmmaking

If you even have less knowledge about Madeira, you already know that it has many adventurous experiences to offer, but sometimes all we want is to sit down and appreciate the cinematic art which makes us believe in so many great things! And that is why there is Madeira Film Festival.

Madeira Film Festival.

It takes place anywhere in April or May every year where a range of carefully selected films are presented to an audience of locals and foreigners.

Unlike other film festivals, the movies are not competing. There are no winners.

The management of the MFF (Madeira Film Festival) believes solely in the experience and emotions that films bring to life and make us move in a way that we remember them for a long period of our lives. However, if you see it right, that way… every movie wins.

But wait, there still is an award. And that is for all the filmmakers who take part in it.

They get ‘Laurissilva Ambassador Award’ which helps the management spread awareness of the fascinating yet gorgeous forest of the island — the Laurissilva Forest.

The MFF has concluded six editions by now with the latest happened in April 2017.

The greatest part of the festival is the movies of course. But there is another contender for the most significant part of the festival… the Q and A session.

As filmmakers are there with the audience, people can dive deep into the content of the movies by asking questions about them from the filmmakers in the Q and A session.

That is gold for all those people who like to know what exactly happened with that character in the end which wasn’t there or what the filmmaker thinks of the ambiguous ending of the movie or why a particular character did what he/she did or what provoked the filmmaker to make that movie.

Where Madeira Film Festival Takes Place?

Glad you asked. It all happens at the Municipal Theatre and Belmond Reid’s Palace Hotel. As you guessed it, the movies are screened at the Municipal Theatre, and then all the other activities like workshops, gala dinner, fashion shows and parties happen at the Belmond Reid’s Palace Hotel.

A little about these two places:

  • The Municipal Theater.

At the heart of Funchal, the Municipal Theater is an excellent place where the management has made sure that the film watching experience is at its best with industry standard cinema setup. The theater can take about 300 people with ease.

  • The Belmond Reid’s Palace Hotel.

Well, the view of the island of Madeira is marvelous from every side, but the natural beauty may seem to vanish sometimes in hotels. However, that is not the case with the Belmond Reid’s Palace Hotel as it is built on a cliff and showcases some spectacular views of the city, Funchal and the Atlantic Ocean.

The hotel has been there for more than a hundred years and has served many esteemed guests including Sir George Bernard Shaw, Swedish Royal Family, and former James Bond actor, Roger Moore.