Best madeira island Beaches.

If you’re looking for white beaches of thin sand, Porto Santo is the right island for you, with a coastal plain in the southwest, including a nine kilometre long white sand beach!

But if you like nature, flowers, to walk among amazing, wild bluffs overlooking the ocean, Madeira is the best place you can visit.

Madeira island is quite different from Porto Santo: the island is at the top of a massive shield volcano, so there are not (natural) long white sand beach.

The landscape is volcanic and the climate is Mediterranean, with some differences between north and south facing regions.

It’s quite hard to choose best Madeira island beaches: expanses of volcanic black sand, golden bays and coastal of great smoothed pebbles with transparent, clean and warm waters.

Ponta Gorda beach, Madeira.

In the south part of the island you will find Ponta Gorda, a bathing complex in the beautiful Lido-Praia Formosa promenade.
The Ponta Gorda bathing complex offers two swimming pools, one children’s pool, sea access, changing rooms, sun beds, first aid centre, snack bars and restaurants.

Praia Formosa beach, Madeira.

Just 10 minutes drive from Funchal city centre, n the south part of the island, Praia Formosa offers three small sandy beaches and a large pebbled beach.
The water quality is certified by ‘Blue Flag’, and the place offers a lot of facilities: kindergarten, medical centre, areas for sports practice.

Ponta do Sol beach, Madeira.

Ponta do Sol, in the south of Madeira, is famous for its sweet weather, for the amazing sunlight and for its wonderful, little beach.
Ponta do Sol is a good choice if you are looking for peace and quiet!

Madalena do Mar beach, Madeira.

Also in the south part of the island, Madalena do Mar is a lovely beach with amazing crystal clear waters, with warm climate and calm sea.

Calheta beach, Madeira.

If you’re looking for nautical activities, you have to visit Calheta.
With yellow sand brought mainly from Morocco, Calheta offers all the facilities you need and also some good fish restaurants on the main street.

 Jardim do Mar beach, Madeira.

This place includes three beaches: Portinho, Enseada and Ponta Jardim and it’s a surfers’ paradise!
There are not infrastructures and for sure it’s loved for its beauty, for the wind, for the magic of isolation just with the ocean and the mountains.

Porto Moniz beach, Madeira.

One of best Madeira island beaches is Porto Moniz, in the northern part of the island. Lava rocks surround theese amazing, natural bathing pools.
For sure this bathing complex offers a lot of facilities.

Ribeira do Faial beach, Madeira.

Ribeira do Faial offers in the swimming complex a large, beautiful, natural swimming pool and playing field for national and international football, handball and volleyball competitions.

Machico beach, Madeira.

Machico is a beautiful bay near the airport, with amazing sand beach, and also a pebbled beach, very popular and with football and volley ball practice area.