Nature festival in Madeira.

The Madeira Nature Festival featuring tourists and normal visitor performances with regards to nature, empowering its practices with regards to the normal and natural traditional legacy of Madeira.

In the downtown local area habitats are reproduced so as to exhibit a few activities that can be done under nature.

The space has likewise a smaller aspect than usual reasonable with making appears, local provincial gastronomy, conventional in & outdoor games performances and exhibitions of local folk groups.

Exercises in Nature in Madeira.

Throughout this week a few dynamic tourism performance will occur within this local area, seas and air, featuring by partners (operators that are formally guaranteed for featuring travelers multi dimensional performances), including tours by jeep riding and safaris, climbing and strolling along the levadas, canyoning, BTT biking, horse rides, biking by quad, watching birds, climbing, trips by boats or cruising, watching dolphin and whales, vessel trips and diving’s, kayaking, water surfing, sight touring, parasailing and paragliding, rides by cable cars and so on.

On the land performances as follows:

Watching of birds in Madeira: birdwatching.

Madeira Islands offer astounding features for Bird Watching either on land or ocean.

This is a brilliant chance to connect with the islands traditional natural heritage. Rich biodiversity of Madeira ensures the island as a rich Biogenetic Reserve, which is recognize by the European Council as a World Natural Heritage by UNESCO, enabling you to connect specifically with some of Madeira islands endemic examples of Macaronesia.

Walking on the islands pathways and find birds flying, for example, the Trocaz Pigeon (Columba toed), the Lavandeira (schmitzi Motacilla cinerea), the vultures (buteo harterti) and the Zino’s petrel (Pterodroma Madeira).

Should you like to go on a vessel trip you may likewise experience a wide assortment of seabirds.

There are several well trained and certified agencies and organizations spent significant time to arrange land and ocean visits, as per your best choice and desires.

Mountain Biking in Madeira.

Mountain biking is an exceptionally prominent approach to investigate and find Madeira Islands. Riding bicycle along the islands you’ll find a portion of the otherworldly corners of Madeira and Porto Santo islands.

Canyoning in Madeira.

Going down the clear water streams in Madeira Island is an approach to uncover a portion of the untouched and maiden parts of the island.

Late spring is the most appropriate time to encounter the islands northern streams as the water levels are more plentiful, transforming it into an exceptionally energizing test.


To find the archipelago you can pick guided visit arranged by the neighborhood affirmed official experts.

You can design either a visit in the ocean or in the land through the neighborhood travel specialists and the nearby authority tourism recreation organization/operators.

Horseback Riding in Madeira.

Horse riding along middle of the road or simple trails is a perfect way to evading stresses of every day, encompassed by excellent landscape views.

On the sea performance as Cruising and Boat Trips.

The encompassing perspectives over the coastline upgrade the regular excellence of beauty of this charmed island.

For scheduling a visit to Desertas Islands and the last minister seal’s (Monachus) shelter, regularly referred by local people as Lobo Marinho.

Try not to miss the chance to watch other marine examples as dolphins, whales and so on.