Madeira wine Festival

The Madeira Island is one of the world most famous places, which for over 50 decades unprecedented wine has been created.

Madeira Wine is a standout amongst the greatest wines on the planet. It has vitality and an uncommon many-sided quality.

When we describe the heritage of Madeira Wine we are likewise relating a great deal of the island’s history.

This conventional item has been transported to the four corners of the world. It has been sent out since the sixteenth century, soon after the colonization of Madeira and has been tagged in the remarkable history ever.

There are many reasons why we praise this excellent Madeira wine. Madeira Wine has been the key point of the territorial economy, it guarantees a wonderful vineyard scene, gives work to numerous vinyers and it is as yet refreshing crosswise over fringes … It’s really a super testy wine alcohol!

The Madeira Wine Festival is one of the island’s popular vacation destinations that compensate tribute to this valuable wine and its certain financial remarks.

Occurring amid the grape collect in late August, early September, this occasion means to reproduce the old customs of Madeira, which were produced over hundreds of years of work in viticulture.

This occasion has been recognized since the late seventies of the most recent century.

It starts in Funchal and incorporates European Folklore Week, ornamentations, presentations and live representations portraying wine and its specialties and cultural music exhibitions.

This Festival finishes in Estreito de Câmara de Lobos, with the Wine Harvesting Festival.

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Here are few lines on the traditional Madeira Wine Festival:


On Saturday morning all consideration is centered on the Estreito de Câmara de Lobos, where the Wine Harvesting Festival took place.

The harvesting took place on a Madeiran cultivating farm, trailed by an ethnographic parade with the interest of countless and ethnography gatherings.

After the parade, the treading of the grapes is re-authorized along with tool free participations – utilizing a conventional press in a happy environment with loads of melodic stimulation and local cuisines.

Different activities incorporated into the program listed below:

European Folklore Week.

European Folklore Week, an occasion conducted by the Boa Nova Ethnography and Folk Group, is an old stories celebration that expects to advance an intercultural assembling and advance ethnographic substances, with the cooperation of national and remote gatherings.

Live Wine Harvest.

On Saturday morning all consideration is centered on the Estreito de Câmara de Lobos, where the Wine Harvest Festival took place.

The gathering took place on a Madeiran harvest, trailed by an ethnographic parade with the cooperation of a substantial number of old stories and ethnography gatherings.

After the parade the treading of the grapes is re-instituted – participation is free – utilizing a customary press in a festive environment with bunches of traditional musical entertainments along with local dishes.

Road Entertainment.

The downtown area of Funchal, particularly the focal walkway of Avenida Arriaga, will be loaded with different enhancements involving a few viticulture devices (squeezes, containers, barrels, grape picking bushel, customary methods for transportation), living pictures and on-screen characters who re-institute the winemaking procedure in Madeira (grape squeezing, re-sanctioning of the provincial experts conventional traditions), sustenance, Madeira wine tastings and presentations and territorial crafting work separated from neighborhood legends bundled exhibitions.

Photo by Paul Mannix, available under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0).