Paragliding in Madeira.

Un unforgettable experience, a unique way to admire breathtaking landscapes, a shot of adrenaline for those seeking adventure and strong emotions: paragliding in Madeira is an activity that extreme sport lovers cannot absolutely miss.

Particularly rich in valleys, ravines and sea cliffs, this island provides several opportunities to practice parascending.

It will be easy to find companies with long experience in paragliding which offer high quality services: visitors will have the chance to attend courses, to enjoy tandem flights with reliable trainers and even to obtain a license to become instructors.

Linguistic barriers are not a problem, as the staff of these schools is often fluent in several languages.

Do you want to share pictures and videos of the flight when you come back home?

There is nothing to worry about!

Pilots are equipped with a camera that captures the thrill of a flight and of the incomparable natural beauty of this treasure in the Atlantic Ocean.

Stephanie Iaconetti Paragliding in Madeira – Tandem Flight at Madalena do Mar from Ruben G.T. on Vimeo.