Ponta de São Lourenço, Machico, Madeira.

This 6 km long cliff is one of the most pristine and wild areas on the island. It is a natural park made up of cliffs, untouched nature and small coves where you can even take a bath.

It is a challenging 3 hours long climb, made of more or less marked and protected trails that cross some of the most beautiful scenic spots on the island.

Ponta do Buraco.

As soon as you arrive in this area of the island, the first panoramic point you will find is Ponta do Buraco, and already here you will enjoy a good part of what you will be finding on your way.

Ponta do Buraco madeira

Ponta do castelo.

After crossing a path over steep cliffs between a boulder and the other from the beautiful volcanic rocky beaches you will arrive in Ponta do Castelo.

Ponta do castelo, beach madeira

Trekking in Sao Lourenco, Madeira.

But the nicest view of the path is right across a narrow strip of land that connects two imposing cliffs.

An amazing game of waves, volcanic beaches and boulders in the midst of the sea that roam the sky.

Ponta do Furado.

Arriving at the end you will find a refuge where you can book a one night stay or stay near them with the tent (I saw 2 who camped for the night but did not confirm the feasibility). You can also enjoy a nice little bird-watching lodge, or sunbathe a small beach nearby.
On the cliff at the side of the beach you will find pick nick tables where you can take a snack break (which you will have to take from home) in a unique and breathtaking atmosphere.

In short, during this journey you will find everything you need to spend a beautiful day immersed in nature!