From Funchal to Porto Santo.

From the harbour of Funchal, you can reach the island of Porto Santo, in the archipelago of Madeira, with the service of a comfortable ferry that leaves every morning at 8:00.

The crossing it lasts about two hours and the ferry is modern, safe and provides many services.

There is the opportunity to travel in first class and on the ferry you will be followed by qualified and organized staff that will make the journey a relaxing time that will allow you to revitalize your energy.

Unlike Madeira, the island of Porto Santo is mostly desert and the beautiful golden sandy beach makes you want to dive to the depths.

The tour lasts a full day and on board there is a guide who speaks English and Portuguese.

Arrive at your destination you can enjoy the beach in Porto Santo, 9 km long well, surrounded by calm and crystal clear turquoise waters.

As well as visit the beach, you can take a tour to learn about the four corners of the island and you will also have free time to explore on your own.

As the island features a relaxing beach, the vegetation and the mountain area, you can enjoy a wide range of experiences such as visit lookouts like the Miradouro da Portela with its stunning views or admire the mountain peaks like Pico do Castelo.

In short …. really great stuff!

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