The Flower Festival, Madeira.

Madeira, “The Island of Flowers” was the title by which the Island is known abroad for a long time.

Because of its geographical location, this island was an essential port amongst Europe and the African and the American subcontinents.

Travelers were astonished in the city of Funchal by flower specialists offering flowers and later would learn of the critical association amongst local people and flowers as each house is decorated with flowers that fill the air with mesmerizing smells.

The Flower Festival is one of Madeira biggest celebrations, a tribute to the extraordinary contact of its dwellers with flowers and springtime, and expects to advance the abundance of flowers that shading, fragrance and intoxicate the earth keeping in mind the end goal to fortify the islands reputation abroad.

This festival took place in May, so properly entitled the “time of flowers”. Madeira Tourism is the official promoter of the Flower Festival, an occasion that means to wonder visitors and occupants alike by giving a really creative character and furthermore by delaying the festivals over a bit longer tenure.

Youngsters dressed with ensembles delineating flowers will parade along the focal walkway of Avenida Arriaga.

The well known flower floor coverings will be made and you can appreciate the flower models decorating the whole territory.

The conventional flower display will happen at Praça do Povo, trailed by the standard Flower Market held in Avenida Arriaga, encasing the city area in an amazing feeling of Nature’s aromas.

Out of different occasions, this festival comes with the development of the Wall of Hope by the offspring of Madeira and furthermore with the great flower celebration parade.

Making the most of our mellow atmosphere and find the flowers of the world through this planet of flowers.

Flower Market.

The flower market helps to raising public awareness of the ornamental importance of the island. Guests, visitors and local people can have chances to buy them in a beautiful setting.

Flower Exhibition and Workshops.

The Flower Exhibition is held in the focal point of Funchal, at Praça do Povo.

This exhibition is an expansion of the show held at the previous Ateneu Comercial of Funchal. This mesmerizing flower show demonstrates the finest flowers developed with much care and dedication, all around Madeira.

The flowers in show are judged under different classes and the best are granted prizes by a board of specialists.

Flower Carpets and Decorations.

The wealth of the nearby verdure examples and the considerable religious commitment of the general population of Madeira extraordinarily added to the foundation of this artistic expression.

The flower floor carpets get together flourishes everywhere throughout the island and finishes in the enrichment of the courses in which religious assembly took place.

Because of their unquestionable excellence and detail, for a few years now, the flower carpets have been repeated in the city for the Flower Festival merriments and are an outstanding commitment to the greatness of the city’s beautifications, nearby the botanical figures.

Their fragile creation is shared and appreciated by the guest visitors on the island. This superb flower craftsmanship is shown in the focal walkways of Avenida Arriaga.

Photo by Paul Mannix, available under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.