Those who go to Madeira cannot avoid visiting the Valley of the Sisters; this magical place is located more than a thousand meters above sea level. Here, where the wild nature makes the place inhospitable, a group of nuns lived happily to protect themselves from the Pirates.

The guide will tell you all the fascinating history about the Valley of the Sisters, by explaining you how this cluster of lava rocks was formed and you can lose your gaze in the flat valleys, in the steep mountains and in the breath-taking panoramas.

The tour will also continue to the nearby fishing port where there is an isolated village where the few inhabitants are very attached to their local traditions. Do not miss the chance to take some pictures and eat the Madeira delicacies, such as chestnut cake or homemade sweet liqueurs. The villagers are very simple people who live on what they grow, especially with the famous chestnuts. If you love this, then Madeira is the ideal destination, especially with its famous Chestnut Festival.


The ticket includes the pick-up, which will take tourists from some hotels in Fuchal, and all the transportation costs are included. For those who stop by a cruise, you can activate this terminal and pay a surcharge of only 4 euros per person.

Once the tour is over, all visitors will be returned in their respective hotels.The price includes a guided tour in Spanish, English, French and German.

The tour lasts three and a half hours and has a very low cost (15 euros per person). Ideal for large groups, couples and families who want to spend half a day on something educational and interesting.