Rabaçal Walk and 25 fountains

Rabaçal is a very famous Madeira valley and it is possible to take a walk with a 4-hour tour. The natural reserve has been a UNESCO heritage site since 1999 and is not surprising because it is a place of rare beauty, with many waterfalls and dense vegetation, which frames the views. The walk will allow you to enter into this great valley and walk along the Levadas, artificial canals built by man to act as irrigation and passage bridges.

At the end of the walk you can admire 25 small waterfalls known as the “25 fountains”, each one of them forms a small lake that irrigates the surrounding vegetation and makes it abundant. At first glance, it really looks like a fairy place, but just stop for some time to realize its soul. This is a true heavenly oasis where you can breathe fresh air and be lulled by birdsong and water that gently whispers.

This tour is warmly recommended to all those who love nature and want to know an area full of fountains, waterfalls, lakes, flora and fauna. The ticket includes the pick-up that will pick up the visitors in a precise pick-up point. Once booked, you will be contacted by email from the supplier with written location and time.

The tour guide is in English, French, German and Portuguese. The latter is certified and very professional, in order to illustrate the whole history of the place and respond quickly to visitors’ questions. In price is also guaranteed the insurance but not lunch and any extras such as sunscreen, drinks and food.

The advice is to always bring a bottle of water with you with some food to eat during the break, a sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself from sunlight and always wear comfortable clothing to have a really nice hike.