Queimadas Natural Park to discover the wild side of Madeira.

The Queimadas Natural Park is the optimal choice for all visitors who enjoy guided excursions. The duration of the activity is about 5 hours with a tour guide who speaks Spanish, English, French, German and Portuguese.

The experience will allow you to walk in the natural park, get in touch with the local nature, explore Caldeirão Verde and enjoy great views of valleys, mountains, sea, waterfalls and small craters.

In short, the tourist will be able to appreciate nature in all its aspects. The footbridge of the Levada, the name with which the irrigation canals are called in Madeira, rises to an altitude of about 1000 meters and this is what characterizes the spectacular nature of the visit.

The Levada was built from the 18th century on the Caldeirão Verde creek. In this experience, you will then have to pass on very steep cliffs, mountains and transparent bridges. A real adventure that will remain always in your heart! Madeira irrigation channel is obviously used for an agricultural purpose; in fact, it flows into the lands of the nearby Faial parish.

It is also used to reach the Valley of San George on foot, enjoying so a truly magnificent view and that finds itself to videos and panoramic photos. Being a human construction, there are several tunnels dug directly into the rock: during the excursion you will be able to walk inside them and admire the incredible work of man.

The distance is about 12 km in 5 hours of course, obviously, the various routes have a degree of difficulty that can reach the moderate one so it is not recommended for people with very young children or who have difficulty moving. In the price of € 36 per person is included a visit with the mountain guide, the insurance and the pick-up that starts from Funchal, Caniço area and Calheta Village.

The ticket does not include food and drinks that must be purchased separately. It is advisable to confirm the time at which pick-up should pick up tourists from the hotel, wear a technical clothing consisting of a very comfortable suit and hiking shoes, always bring water and food in a backpack, and follow all the instructions of the mountain guide. If this tour is canceled, even 24 hours before the booking, it cannot be reimbursed.