The capital of Madeira has lots of streets, colors and fragrances. Even if you visit it on foot you can see all its magic, but there is a way to live in a dream with open eyes, which is to visit the city in a vintage car.

A dream for everyone, but it really makes you dream for true, try to imagine being on a beautiful car that makes you go back almost a century, maybe a convertible while the sun makes everything even more magical. In an hour and a half, you will be transported into a surreal world, as if it were back in time, in a city without time.

You will know how to appreciate it and keep it among the best memories in every second of your life. Naturally, to make you feel like a king you will have at your disposal throughout the tour a very good driver ready to fulfill your desires.

In addition to the recommended stops, your companion will be at your complete disposal for stages you want to do or for particular areas, you want to visit. For almost two hours, you will experience a story that you will never forget. I

n addition, if you are an art lover, surely you will feel like being part of a surreal painting, which unites and blends the two periods, and it will surely be a very strong emotion. If you are in Madeira and want to visit its capital Funchal this is the only occasion to do it in a completely different way from the classical means and to let you experience an undescribed emotion.