If you love walking and hiking, this 6-hour tour will be a test on your endurance, but at the same time, it will make you live an incredible experience. The goal is clear: to get to the highest point of Madeira only with the help of your tenacity.

The Pico Arieiro is the third highest on the island and reaches 1862 meters. From there you can enjoy an unparalleled panoramic view, with a landscape that combines sea and mountain in a single frame and full of nuances. Along the way, you can stop for a coffee and enjoy the moment before returning to Pico Ruivo. At the end, you will go down to Teixeira where you will find a pick up that will bring you back to the hotel.

The path is arduous and of a moderate difficulty so it is highly recommended to people who practice trekking and are really experienced so they do not slow down the group. The whole journey lasts about ten kilometers and the terrain is largely uneven and rocky so it is necessary to dress properly with trekking shoes, comfortable clothing, hat and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun and a bottle of water to hydrate during the walk.

The tour ticket is 40 euros per person, including a certified mountain guide who speaks English, French, German or Portuguese, the pick-up from Santa Cruz and Ribeira Brava. During the booking, a pick-up time will be confirmed for all visitors.

The duration of the route is 6 hours, enough to admire the spectacular landscapes, volcanic rocks along the way and the mountain flowers with an incredible beauty.