Visiting the botanical garden in Madeira, an emotion made of colors and perfumes.

The tour begins with a two-hour visit to the ancient districts and the monuments of the capital of Funchal on board of a Tuk Tuk and it ends with a visit to the famous Madeira botanic garden.

This is definitely one of the most exciting experiences, about three kilometers from Funchal, which is the capital where you will find this magnificent botanical garden. As you enter, you find different areas, in all of this you can see different plant species, in a process that seems to offer a history lesson around the world, because every plant has different backgrounds and a history to tell.

In all the 35 thousand square meters of this fantastic place, there is a lot of shapes and colors. Each meter is a painting; everything is carefully organized to amaze, but also to make sure that all the possible species can be known during the visit. Small and large plants that often are also part of protected species in other countries, which fortunately are kept alive here.

For every part of the garden, there are experts who study the color combinations to the correct position according to the needs of various plants. Its ideal position is defined by all botanists; it is in fact at an altitude of approximately 200 meters above the sea level and are designed spaces that differ between the sun and shade in order to be ideal for different types of vegetation.
To visit this botanical garden with more than 2500 botanical species is definitely an experience to do if you are in Madeira, and you can see this wonderful place all year round so no excuses, the species you can see here you could only see those in nature just by traveling around the world.