Walking tour in the capital

The walking tour of Funchal, Madeira’s capital, is an experience that you have to do it at all costs; the whole tour lasts only two hours and is accompanied by a tour guide who speaks Spanish, English, French, German and Portuguese.

In this trip will be told the whole history of the capital and the history of the Portuguese archipelago, and there will be discovered several notions and anecdotes about the history of the center as well as exploring the entire medieval area of the city.

The magic of the place deserves a walking tour, in order to understand in depth the true beauty of the place. To do this, simply book and check the availability on the site, meet the guide directly in the office of the local operator and proceed to the two-hour tour in the historic center.

There will also be time to see the most interesting sites such as the Baltazar Dias Municipal Theater, the Assumption Cathedral of the Virgin Mary, the area where the first sugar cane plantation of the 1400s was planted, etc.

A small percentage of this guided tour will also help the poor students of the University of Madeira. The same tour is guided by a former university student or by a volunteer who participates in the Erasmus program in the city. This activity is recommended for large groups, families, young people or solitary travelers looking for an exploration able to make them know the history of the city and the Portuguese archipelago.

The tour can easily be canceled up to 24 hours in advance in order to receive a full refund. The cost is small, we are talking of about € 10 per person and it can be purchased as a gift immediately from the site. It is an excellent opportunity to visit the unique market of the city, the Fortress of San Giacomo, the Campo Almirante Reis Garden and all the attractions that can be photographed and it will be a lasting memory of the trip to Madeira.