Sunday trip to the market and Santo da Serra.

This tour lasts only half a day, a total of 4 hours, and is perfect for all tourists who have a busy schedule but who have some time to fill. The visitor can explore the characteristic local market of Santo da Serra, take a walk in the beautiful gardens of this place and admire the brightly colored flowers that permeate the air with a sweet and magical smell.

There will also be a visit to Camacha, where you can buy artifacts to give as a gift on the way back home or to keep as a souvenir. The visit to the Sunday market is an excellent opportunity to learn about the traditions and the locals, besides being able to make small purchases because the market prices are notoriously very affordable.

As for the gardens, in addition to the Camellias planted in large quantities, the visitor can attend an unusual show: here there are also many animals left free to browse and stroll in the area like deer, horses and goats. The island of Camacha is one of the most ventilated areas of Madeira, with a lush forest that makes the area alive and rich in oxygen.

The picturesque landscape is particularly appreciated by tourists who like to get lost watching the displays of handmade items. The craftsmen, in fact, do their work outside, so they can be watched and photographed by tourists, weaving dried shrubs and crafting beautiful wicker baskets that can be purchased at unbeatable prices.

Camacha also has pleasant attractions such as the tower with the famous bell of Liverpool, the church of San Lorenzo and a series of Baroque and neoclassical architecture that modulate the landscape creating a fantastic contrast with the environment. Before returning to Funchal, there is room for a relaxing walk by the sea.

For this tour is available a tour guide in Spanish, English, French, German and Portuguese. Tourists will be picked up directly at selected hotels in the capital but it is also possible to request the service for other more distant hotels with an additional cost.