Carnival of Madeira.

The Carnival of Madeira is a yearly celebration, lasts around forty days long before Easter, that finishes on Shrove Tuesday(it is called the Fat Tuesday in Madeira Island- called Terça-feira Gorda in Portuguese language) the day preceding Ash Wednesday (the beginning 1st day of Lent).

It is one of the most adorable and long cherished events in Madeira Island. On certain specific days of Lent, traditional Roman Catholics generally kept away from consumption of any sorts of meat and poultry, whether its red meat of else, thus the expression “carnival,” from carnelevare, ” to omit the word (truly, “raise”) meat.

One of the most popular, adorable and major events of festivals among the locality of the year in Madeira island, aside from the Dia dos Reis, the Madeira carnival is also known and called as one of the best festival in the Europe.

Generally there are two major and most popular Carnival parades took place in Madeira, which are entirely different from each others.

The parade of Allegoric, which happens always on Saturday of the Carnival ending week, this is one of the more advanced and sophisticated and in needs of a lot of responsibilities and the organizations from every one of the gatherings and the general public included. Several Samba groups having a large number of members in the eminent and bright ensembles move to zapping Samba music throughout the roads and streets of Funchal, spreading out a positive vibe and atmosphere inviting the Rio Carnival.

The 2nd parade, which is called as ‘trapalhão‘, is more seasoned and used to happen everywhere around the island, currently it surges the roads and avenues of the city area with excitement, thrilling and adventures satisfaction on Terça-feira Gorda, at the finishing time of the Carnival. Specifically on this parade each and every single person can perform according to their wish and – once in a while very brave in their outfits and delineated exaggerations are left to the participated members on their own creative ability.

Both of the parades are having a specific characterized schedule in the city area and comes to an end at the Municipal Square area ( their own language it’s called Praça do Município) where greater amusement with unrecorded live musical events , concerts and different sorts of competitions are taking place.

Prior to one month of the crest time of the Carnival, the renowned and well-known Carnival entertainment groups visit different hotels, guest houses and try to engage the visitors with dance, musical performance and different cultural activities.

Throughout the nineteenth century individuals from the Madeira island, have been immigrated to Hawaii and brought the convention of Malasadas on the Terça feira Gorda (called Shrove Tuesday) along with them, now a days it’s named as the Malasada Day in the Hawaii.

According to their long tradition, Madeira’s general people eat Malasadas on Terça feira- Gorda, the purpose behind preparing malasadas was using all the grease and sugar within the house in planning for Lent (almost similar to the convention of Pancake Day in the UK begun on Shrove Tuesday), normally Malasadas are being sold nearly to the original carnival parade on the Saturday and on the last day.

Photo by Raunaqg Herbst, available under a Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.